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Bulgarian school at the Embassy of Bulgaria in Russia - Moscow
continues to set students on the academic year 2013/2014.
The school is licensed by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Classes are conducted by highly qualified teachers, the candidates had been approved by the Ministry.

Documents issued at the end of each class are recognized in Bulgaria.

Each class is engaged in once a week in the afternoon.



The Bulgarian School at the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Russia is the oldest school founded at a Bulgarian diplomatic mission. This year, the school will celebrate its jubilee 40th Anniversary. During the first ten years, they have been conducting classes in the buildings of several Moscow schools, but in 1983 the school moved to the Embassy complex in the Mosfilmovskaya Street.

The Bulgarian pupils study in cozy classrooms subjects, such as Bulgarian Language and Literature, My Home Country, Man and Society, Bulgarian History and Civilization, and since the present year, Bulgarian Geography and Economy as well. The lessons for each form (from 1st to 12th) and for the preparatory group of 5 and 6 year old children are given once weekly after adapted study programmes of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Bulgaria. There is a Folklore Dance Ensemble at the school the performances of which create a nonpareil native atmosphere, and the Little Bulgarian Club for Children gives to pupils an abundant scope for artistic occupations and takes active part in organizing all the traditional Bulgarian holidays.

The educative process is conducted by highly qualified teachers whose candidacies are endorsed by the Ministry of Education and Science:
Maria Balhova - a principal and a teacher of history (Ph.D. degree)
Margarita Marinova - a teacher of Bulgarian language and literature in junior high and senior forms
Mariyana Stambolieva - junior forms teacher and principal of the Vasil Levski Bulgarian School at the Centre of Industry of the Republic of Bulgaria in Moscow
Svetlana Fursenko - a manager of the Folklore Dance Ensemble, a professional choreographer and artist at the Filip Kutev State Folklore Ensemble in Sofia
Maria Zayakova - a specialist in preschool education and leader of the Little Bulgarian Club

Mrs Margarita Marinova, a School's principal of a long standing, is the Paisius of Hilendar Award of the State Agency for the Bulgarians Abroad and the Neophyte of Rila Medal given by the Ministry of Education and Science for a significant contribution to the training of Bulgarian children abroad.

The form-finishing certificates, issued at the school year end and signed by the Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria in Russia, are acknowledged in Bulgaria and give students an opportunity to pursue their education in Motherland, not sitting for additional equalizing exams.

Some years in succession, the Bulgarian School takes part in the Native Language and Culture Abroad National Programme of the Ministry of Education and Science which improved the financial condition of the School and made it possible to provide free books for the pupils from 1st to 7th forms.

Since the 2012/2013 school year, by authority of the Council of Ministers Resolution of 08.12.2011, the School is included in the Ministry of Education and Science Official List of the Bulgarian Schools Abroad.

The governing bodies are the School Board of Regents (the Ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of the Republic of Bulgaria is an honorary chairman) and the Parents Council.

The School is a member of the Bulgarian School Abroad Association and participates both in organized annual conferences and in discussing and solving general problems of the Bulgarian schools abroad.

The pupils not only gain knowledge in the Bulgarian School - a feeling of national identity is cultivated in them as well as a spiritual bond with the Motherland.

Let us help our children, wherever in the world they are, to feel themselves children of Bulgaria!



The school is located on the territory of the Bulgarian Embassy - 119590, st. Mosfilmovskaya 66b2.

tel.:      (499) 143-38-25,
             (499) 143-62-45
Mob.:    (916) 715-56-14 (Maria Balhova)
             (915) 365 19 80 (Margarita Marinova)
e-mail[email protected]
             [email protected]
             [email protected]


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