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Bulgarian Cultural Institute

tel. +7 (495) 771-60-18

e-mail: [email protected]

Opened learned Bulgarian folk dances.

The Bulgarian Rose Ensemble with choreographer Svetlana Fursenko kindly invites you to plunge into a wonder world of pure energy and good vibes!

There is a plenty of varied traditions in the Bulgarian art of folklore dance. Each of the six ethnographic areas in this country is famous for its original dances and "horo" (a kind of round dance) being a reflection of their history, culture, manners and customs.

Over the ages, the Bulgarians created any number of dances and plays of an ingenious choreography, fanciful rhythms and virtuoso steps. All this variety together with the wondrous native melodies is a fountain of optimism, light and cheerfulness.

The Bulgarian folklore dances fetch the imagination and obsess the feelings! They are such a magic that gives jovial mood and health, chisels the figure out netter than any fitness!

The horo binds the dancers together, makes them feel the others in a very special way, allows them to recharge their energy, to share their souls with each other, helping them forget the problems and troubles and become a part of something great and important - THE DANCE!


This year, the Bulgarian Cultural Institute and the Bulgarian Rose Folklore Dance Ensemble give you a chance to not only become familiar with the Bulgarian folklore, but receive a unique present as well!

After finishing the competition, the two best students of the School - a man and a woman - will get a special prize: a photo-session wearing Bulgarian national dresses with a professional photographer from the RITRATO Company

Feel the Bulgarian traditions magic first!


If you want to enjoy the Bulgarian folklore dances and try them, you are welcome to the BCI on its new address at the Rudomino Foreign Literature Library; 1, Nikoloyamskaya str. (location map).
Transport: to metro stations Kitay-gorod, Taganskaya, Chkalovskaya, Kurskaya.
Clothing: sensible (training suit, leggings, socks)
Shoes: sports (sneakers, chucks, plimsolls)

Get free from the daily stress, made new friends, express yourself through Bulgarian folklore dances!

Svetlana Fursenko
phone 8 (495) 771-60-18;
[email protected]

The School's page in VKontakte is
The Bulgarian Rose Ensemble site is


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