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Bulgarian Cultural Institute

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Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Moscow was established on 19.01.1988. It is situated on 20, "Leningradskiy Prospect". The building was constructed in 1914 after the design of the famous Russian architect D. P. Suhov. This is a magnificent building constructed according to the order of the staff-captain Belik and his wife. The halls impress with their elegancy, harmony and solemnity.

The Embassy of Republic of Bulgaria occupied the building in the period 1946 - 1987 and since 1988 it houses the Bulgarian Cultural Institute.

The main activities of the Bulgarian Cultural Institute are the following:
- supplying information about cultural, public and political life in Bulgaria;
- support of the cooperation and contacts among related creative organizations and individuals from both countries;
- promoting the achievements of Bulgarian culture around the world;
- information about cultural centers and cultural events and festivals taking place in Bulgaria.

The activities of the Bulgarian Cultural Institute could be presented in three aspects:

Aspect One is the program, which is held in the halls and in the lobbies of the building : concerts of performers of different musical genres (from folklore and classical music to jazz and Nuvo); authors' and poetical evening performances, meetings with popular Bulgarian performers and creators, exhibitions, book presentations, courses in Bulgarian language and Bulgarian folk dances.

The magnificent interior of the building which includes a concert hall (80 seats), a conference hall (40 seats), a fireplace (20 seats), art gallery, rich library and offices gives the opportunity for holding several events at the same time.

Aspect Two in Bulgarian Cultural Institute activities includes assistance in organizing of cultural events which are carried out on the basis of the traditionally good contacts between the Bulgarian and the Russian institutions which traditionally participate in the cultural dialogue between out two countries. Among these institutions are the following :

- The Institute of Slav Science at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences;
- The Union of Russian Writers;
- The Cinema House at the Union of Russian Filmmakers;
- The Museum of Cinema;
- The Russian Academy of Fine Arts;
- The Institute of Arts Science at the Ministry of Culture;
- The "M. I. Rudomino" Library for Foreign Literature;
- "P. I. Chaikovsky" Moscow State Musical Academy;
- The State Historical Museum;
- The Easter Musical Festival, Director - Valeriy Gergiev, etc.

For its projects the Bulgarian Cultural Institute receives the support of :

- The Union of Bulgarian Writers;
- The Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers;
- The Union of the Actors in Bulgaria;
- The Institute of Arts at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences;
- The "Bulgarian Book" Association;
- The National Historical Museum;
- The Bulgarian National Television, etc.

Aspect Three in Bulgarian Cultural Institute activities is related to assistance in preserving the traditions in the cultural exchange: "Days of the Russian Culture in Bulgaria" and "Days of the Bulgarian Culture in Russia" were held in 2003, under the auspices of the Ministries of culture in Bulgaria and in the Russian Federation on a reciprocal basis. From 2000 to 2006 the Bulgarian Cultural Institute was publishing the "Bulgarian News" newspaper.

2009 was declared a Year of Bulgaria in Russia. The Festival of the Bulgarian Culture, organized by the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Bulgaria with the assistance of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation was an essential part of its rich program, presenting different aspects of the socio-political, economic and cultural life in Bulgaria.

Bulgarian Cultural Institute took active part in realization of the numerous events in the frames of the festival which were held not only in the capital but also in many other regions of Russia.


Bulgarian Cultural Institute is a member EUNIC-Russia

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The activities of the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Moscow is characterized by numerous initiatives inspired by historical events included in the calendars of both countries, particular events, anniversaries of institutions and personalities, official visits of representatives of Bulgarian cultural sphere.

The activities of the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Moscow include a wide range of events - from the regular monthly program and guests appearances to active contacts with different Russian institutions and international organizations organizing various cultural events. In the period of financial restrictions the "mutual initiatives" formula is a good way for successful realization of a given event ensuring wide publicity.

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Bulgarian Embassy in Moscow

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