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Bulgarian Cultural Institute

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03 June /Thursday/
19.00 Creation Evening - "Let's talk about cinema..."
Guest visit of Prof. Alexander Yanakiev - Director of the Institute of Arts Science at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Chairman of the National Council for Cinema
Meeting with Russian filmmakers - representatives of Union of Russian Filmmakers, the Museum of cinema, the Producers' Guild, festival makers, etc.
Topic 1 : "Bulgarian-Russian film relations throughout decades"
Topic 2 : "European models for supporting film production and their application in Bulgaria. Experience and lessons."
address: BCI, Leningradskiy Prospect d.20

07 June /Monday/
15.00 Meeting of Prof. Yanakiev with colleagues from
the Institute of Arts Science
Lecture : "The advance of Bulgarian cinema during the past years. Film industry in Bulgaria during the past 20 years."
address: Kozitzkiy Pereulok, dom 5

12 June /Saturday/
17.0 Open lesson on Bulgarian folk dances
BCI and the young choreographer Svetlana Shaleva-Fursenko, ballet-dancer in "Filip Kutev" National Folk Ensemble
Invite you to "The Horo!"
Registration for the courses of Bulgarian folk dances
address: BCI, Leningradskiy Prospect d.20

Mutual initiative of BCI and V Moscow International
Open Book Festival, 11 - 14.06.2010,
Guest appearance of Prof. Andrey Pantev, historian and
Angel Wagenstein - writer and scriptwriter

11 June /Friday/
15.30 Angel Wagenstein presents his new series of novels "Triptych" -
"Pentateuch Isaakovo", "Avram Kurkacha or Far from Toledo"
And "Goodbye, Shanghai"
address: Yalta Pavilion, Crimskiy Val. 10

13 June
16.00 Participation of Prof. Andrey Pantev in the "Modern Reading of History" Scientific Conference
Lectures : "About the meaning and the matter of history" and
"Modern interpretation of some historical events"
address: Sevastopol Pavilion, Crimskiy Val.10

Bulgaria at the 32nd Moscow Film Festival, 17 - 26.06.2010
June /Sunday/ - Competition Program
18.15 Official screening of the "Steps on the Sand" Feature Film, director - Ivaylo Hristov
"October" Cinema, Hall 1, Noviy Arbat
21.00 Meeting with members of Bulgarian delegation at the 32nd Moscow Film Festival
Anexander Donev - Director of the National Film Center and the "Steps on the Sand" film authors - Ivaylo Hristov - director, Ivan Burnev - actor - performer of the main role and Assen Vladimirov - producer
address: BCI, Leningradskiy Prospect d.20

23 June /Wednesday/ - Gala-premieres
21.00 Screening of "Mission London" Feature Film -
Dimiter Mitovski - director
address: "October" Cinema, Hall 2, Noviy Arbat

24 June /Thursday/
16.00 Meeting with the creators of "Mission London" Feature Film
In the Embassy of Republic of Bulgarian in Moscow
address: Mosfilmovskaya str. 66

29 June /Tuesday/
19.00 Closing of the Musical Season
"Cantus Firmus" Camber Ensemble - conductor - Al. Hurgin.
Soloists : Mihail Ushkin - violoncellist and Alexander Hurgin - violinist
address: BCI, Leningradskiy Prospect d.20

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