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Bulgarian Cultural Institute

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EUNIC is the network of the international cultural relations institutes from the member states of the European Union. Formed in 2006, it has 30 members from 26 countries.

EUNIC's members work in over 150 countries with over 2,000 branches. They work in the arts, languages, youth, education, science, intercultural dialogue and development sectors. The members' employ over 25,000 staff and have a combined turnover over €2.5bn.

EUNIC's members have an international reputation as Europe's leading cultural relations practitioners. 

They seek to facilitate cultural co-operation; to create lasting partnerships between professionals, to encourage greater understanding and awareness of the diverse European cultures and to encourage greater language learning (over 2 million people learn European languages with EUNIC members).

The EUNIC network is:
· An active network: encouraging members to implement shared projects
· A learning network: sharing ideas and practices between members
· A partnering network; working with partners including the European Commission, the Council of Europe and partners around the world,
· An advocacy network; raising the awareness and effectiveness of building cultural relationships between people worldwide

EUNIC, Who We Are ...

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