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In Bulgaria there are 3 types of vegetation - trees, shrubs and grass.

Forests are the best preserved and most common form of natural vegetation. They represent around 30% of the territory of Republic of Bulgaria. In Bulgaria there are deciduous and coniferous forest types. From deciduous species most common are beech and oak. There are beech forests in West and East Balkan Mountains, "Sredna Gora" forest and Strandja between 1000 and 1500 m. altitude. Oak forests are situated in plains and mountains up to 1000 m. altitude. Dense forests situated in the lower reaches of Black Sea rivers (Batova, Kamchia, Ropotamo and Veleka) present the typical deciduous vegetation in the forests of Bulgaria. The most beautiful chestnut forests are in Belasitza, Berkovska Balkan Mountains, Slavianka and Ograzjden. There are coniferous forests at altitude between 1300 and 2100 m. in Rila, northern Pirin, western Rhodopes, Vitosha, West and Central Balkan Mountains. Widespread coniferous species are pine, spruce, fir. In South-East Bulgaria, in the valley of Maritza river are found sclerophyllous forest formations of Mediterranean type. Only 15 % of the forest plantations are of industrial importance. Others - most of which have low productive application, are used for water conservation and soil preservation.

Shrubs' vegetation in Bulgaria is presented by briar, hawthorn, blackthorn, thorn, lilac, sumac, holly, juniper and others. There is grass vegetation in South Dobrudja, Danube plain and high hills of the mountains. 39% of country's territory is represented by arable land, 17% - by pastures. Meadow vegetation is to be found on the ridges of Balkan Mountains, Rhodope, Rila, Pirin and others.

There are three national parks - Rila, Central Balkans and Vrachansko-Balkanic, eight 8 natural parks and reserves: "Aleko" Vitosha, Strandja, Shumen Plateau, Madara (cave), "Pirin", "Vratza Karst", "Golden Sands "," Steneto "and others.

Flowers are the pride of the country. Most common of course are roses. The Bulgarian landscape is empty without them. Moreover, cultivation and selling of flowers, as well as products' preparation from their blossom are main source of income for the citizens in Bulgarian villages. Bulgaria is famous with its oleaginous rose which is to be found in Kazanlak valley, well known as the Rose valley of Bulgaria. High in the mountains grow an extremely rare and beautiful flower - edelweiss. The Bulgarian tobacco is famous all around the world.

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