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Bulgarian Cultural Institute

tel. +7 (495) 771-60-18

e-mail: [email protected]

Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Prague at the Ministry of culture of Republic of Bulgaria is the official cultural representation of Bulgaria in the Czech Republic. The Institute takes care of organizing rich cultural and informational program both in Prague and in other cities in the country and is a part of EUNIC - The net of the European Union National Institutes of Culture.

Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Prague has a long history. It was established in 1948 and the official bilateral agreement between the two countries about the activities of the cultural centers in Sofia and Prague regulating its activities has been signed on 10.04.1978 and then it was renewed on 03.07.1981. Since 2007 the Institute has its building just in the centre of the capital city of the Czech Republic - Prague 1 Region, 6 Klimentska St. The Cultural Institute has two multifunctional halls-galleries where various exhibitions, concerts, mono performances, film screenings, literature readings, meetings with writers, authors, scientific conferences and other cultural events are held. The Institute has good mutual relations with different Czech and international institutions and organizations, with the other foreign cultural institutes in the city and with the civil organizations of the Bulgarians living there.

Bulgarian Cultural Institute has won a significant place on the Prague cultural scene. The events organized attract a great number of visitors including lots of young people. The activities of Bulgarian Cultural Institute aim at presenting Czech audience the best of Bulgarian culture. The Institute in Prague is a center of Bulgarian spirit which normally attracts also many Bulgarians who live in the Czech Republic. The Institute offers attractive cultural program which includes a great variety of different genres, regular courses and educational workshops, informative programs presenting Bulgaria as an attractive tourist destination and a country with rich cultural and historical heritage.

Updated information as well as archive of the past events is available on the official website of Bulgarian Cultural Institute. Besides the classical ways of distribution of invitations and information it also uses mailing lists and the internet social networks. If you haven't visited Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Prague yet, you should not hesitate but do it. There they will warmly welcome you!


Klimentská 6
110 00 Praha 1
Česka Republika

Tel.: 00420 233 326 862 
Tel./fax: 00420 233 334 502 
e-mail: [email protected]

Director: Volodya Gotsev
Officer: Sevdalina Kostadinova




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