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Following the example of the organizations of the same name in India, USA, Italy, Spain and other countries, Tibet House Moscow was founded in 2004. Its aim is to study and preserve the unique culture of the Snow Country.

According to this task, the activities sphere of Tibet House Moscow includes carrying out the annual Festival, which is aimed to acquaint people with the Tibetan culture in all its demonstrations. It also involves charity program and educational activity.

The partner of "Tibet House Moscow" is "Tibet House New York" headed by its permanent president Robert Thurman, the author of books about Buddhism and Tibet, which became real best-sellers in the USA, and also the co-founder of "Tibet House New York" Richard Gere.

From the moment of its foundation "Tibet House New York" is the centre of spiritual life of the most progressive representatives of American society, uniting Hollywood stars and prominent scholars. As its New York's prototype, "Tibet House Moscow", according to the intention of its President Elena Vrublevskaya, is supposed to be the centre of spiritual life of the most progressive representatives of Russian society, uniting around Tibetan subject famous politicians and scientists, artists and musicians, and all those who are not indifferent to the future of Tibetan culture.


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